Scaredy Squirrel

Scaredy Squirrel is an anxious little squirrel. He’s decided the world is a dangerous place, and as such, he lives in fearful solitude, terrified to leave his nut tree for all of the horrible things he may encounter- including germs, tarantulas, green martians, and killer bees- to name a few. He prides himself on always being prepared with a fully stocked emergency kit on hand at all times. 

However, life in the nut tree becomes a bit too predictable and even lonely. One day, when watching what lies beyond his perch, he unwittingly falls out of the nut tree, his worst fears coming to life. As he waits for the inevitable horrible to happen, he realizes... wait, he’s not only okay out in the world, he is thriving!

A great story for any kiddo, but in particular that child who had a fear or anxiety that consumes their thoughts. Scaredy Squirrel is a vulnerable and honest, relatable protagonist. I encourage you to read this with your kiddos, and see that just like Scaredy, not everything that lies just out of reach is as scary as it seems.


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