Mary Wears What She Wants

I think so often it’s hard to explain to our children how things used to be certain way. Norms are constantly changing and evolving and what once was the status quo does not equate to what their little eyes perceive today. 

Such is the situation with girls being allowed to wear pants. It just didn’t happen. And really, it wasn’t THAT long ago... This book articulately explains how times different societal norms and circumstances prevented girls from wearing parents, resigning them to heavy, uncomfortable, and often too-right dresses that limited their play and mobility. 

But along came Mary Walker, one of the girls who challenged this idea. Many people disagreed with her choices and she received significant criticism and push back, but she was determined, and persisted. And you know what, others followed her brave example. 

Mary Wears What She Wants is a great story based on the real-life surgeon and advocate of women’s rights, Mary Edwards Walker, a pioneer in her time in so many ways. Mary’s story exemplifies to children that it is possible to change “the way things just are” with determination, grit, and perseverance. 


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