The Perfect Percival Priggs

We spend a lot of time in our family talking about how nothing is perfect. There are no perfect people, perfect projects, or perfect pieces of artwork. Trying something and failing is part of life, and when looking at ourselves, our flaws and imperfections are what make us unique and one-of-a-kind. 
This book speaks to this message, debunking the myths of perfection. Percival Priggs has spent his entire life thinking his family perfect and never slipped up on anything. This is evidenced by his parents, grandparents, and pets, each of whom has an overflowing shelf of trophies, accolades, and awards celebrating their perfectness. But Percival is frankly struggling to stay on par with his “perfect” family, and finds the business of being perfect all the time exhausting! 
Will his family not love him if he fails? He fears this daily, and as such, hides his true feelings, contempt for certain activities, and continues chugging along, preparing for all of his upcoming competitions- over half of which he doesn’t even enjoy. But when a slight miscalculation ends in disaster, it is apparent that his goals of perfection are no longer feasible. Worried he’s let them all down, he admits to his parents that he’s terrified that he’ll never be perfect like them. In reply, his mom graciously laughs and counters that they’re not perfect either (not even close)! She proceeds to show him a slew of tried and failed activities, past projects, and examples documenting this truth. 
Percival is relieved and surprised to learn this, and his parents remind him that since like what they do, so ultimately instead of giving up, they just keep trying. This admission gives Percival the courage to find the things he truly loves, and pursue them with gusto- imperfectly of course. 
A lovely read with a clear message and relatable content for any kiddo who might be satisfied with nothing short of perfection.


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