Camp Tiger

Camp Tiger celebrates a family’s annual camping trip is usually punctuated by the usual sights and sounds of nature; a salamander with red spots, food-hungry chipmunks looking for a quick scavenge, and a quiet, peaceful campsite on the far side of the pond.

However, this year, the family encounters a surprising sight- a hulking orange tiger, lurking in the bushes, vibrantly striped with a stern face and big, heavy paws. And that’s not talks! 

Joining the family amiably at the campfire, the tiger politely inquires if they have an extra tent. The young narrator takes initiative to answer and engage the tiger, as his gaping parents fall silent. After all, his mom had been imploring him throughout the car ride to be more independent this trip. 

The tiger effortlessly partakes in the family’s camping routines. Leading them on the hiking trail, weighing down the already water logged canoe, fishing with gusto, and sharing a tent with the narrator. As the weekend progresses, the ordinary magic of the annual camping trip is transformed into extraordinary.

Written in lyrical prose by Pulitzer-Prize finalist Susan Choi and illustrated by Caldecott-honor winning artist John Rocco, this story is an eloquent, unique and captivating story, highlighting the sweetness of summer and a heartfelt serenade to the undeniable feeling of growing up.


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