Just Like My Brother

As we prepare our kids for a new sibling (due in September), we've been seeking out all kinds of books proclaiming the virtues of big brother and sisterhood. This sweet book has been just the ticket for my 3-1/2 year old young son, reiterating the love and affection a little sibling has for their older counterpart(s). 

Perfect for young readers, Little Giraffe simply loves and adores her big Brother. She views everything about him as ingeniously wonderful. He is the tallest, the bravest, has the biggest spots of all the giraffes in the savannah, no other giraffe even stands a chance in comparison. 

The book begins with a game of hide-and-seek, with amiable Big Brother Giraffe hiding just out of sight but nearby, safely watching out for his little sis. In the midst of a the game, Little Giraffe begins seeking help locating him from the neighboring animals, "Have you seen my brother?" she asks earnestly, describing his physical attributes with pride and praise. The animals assure her that she too is like her big brother, with big spots, a long neck, and tremendous height, but Little Giraffe brushes off their comments, insisting that no, no, her brother is far more exceptional. A sweet, innocent story about the deep love and respect a younger sibling has for their big.



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