High Five

So you think your high fives are pretty good, huh?  Well, it's National High Five Day, so prepare for a showdown!  I'm celebrating by joining in the High Five Blog Tour with Adam Rubin's latest book, High Five.  You're likely familiar with the dynamic author/illustrator duo of Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri of Dragons Love Tacos and Those Darn Squirrels fame.  Their latest masterpiece, High Five, delivers the same literary magic, this time in an entertaining, interactive experience!  

My kids and I read High Five aloud as a family, participating in the book's own high five competition, perfecting our form, finger technique, and slapping skills to victory to earn a shimmering golden trophy - conveniently included on the page!  Upon finishing the book, my kids immediately snatched it from my grasp, proceeded to snuggle up together, and began rereading it together, high fiving and engaging with the characters with gusto.

If you're looking for that just-right read aloud to captivate your kiddos, engage their senses, and provide a barrel of laughs for everyone involved, High Five is just the ticket.  After showdowns with speedy kangaroos, shifty lizards, and one clever octopus, I have to say, reading this book drastically improved our high five skills!


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