World Pizza

One Spring night when a family gathers on a soft green hill to look for a wishing star, one streaks across the sky. The Mama begins to wish for world peace, when she begins to sneeze, making her wish instead sound like “world peace-ahh ahh ahh-choo!” Her kids laugh and giggle at Mama’s wish for “world pizza!” Mama agrees pizza is delicious but what she was really seeking was a world filled with kindness, love, and no fighting. 
Just then, a pizza fell from the sky, landing gently in Mama’s lap. Across town, the same thing started happening. Pizzas appeared in valleys, deserts, in cities and rural areas. People in tiny villages got pizza. Homeless people got pizza. There was every flavor and variety under the sun, and everyone ate happily until their bellies were full. 
Pirates put down their swords to eat pizza. Bullies set aside their grudges to share slices with the other kids on the playground. Even neighbors who’d previously hidden behind tall fences came out to see what all the fuss was about. What followed were pizza tossing contests, pizza parties, even pizza parades! Happiness and joy from the simple act of sharing pizza with others. Friends were made, and the world was filled with smiles, kindness, and no fighting. 
A sweet story about making wishes, celebrating differences, and recognizing that coming together is feasible through shared experiences and a little imagination. 


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