Carla's Sandwich

Carla is the kid who brings “weird” sandwiches to school. Her creativity with food is adventurous and unique. Olives, pickles, and green beans? Sign Carla up! Peanut butter, crackers, and cheddar cheese? She’s game. 

Carla finds herself constantly defending her lunch choices. Kids call her weird and disgusting, to which she counters she’s actually different and creative. She grows tired of thwarting the other kids incessant taunts until sadly, she finds herself eating alone. 

When Miss Pimento announces a picnic on Tuesday, Carla once again is the object of ridicule for her unusual sandwich. But when Buster realizes he has forgotten his lunch, Carla is the only one who offers to share. Reluctantly Buster accepts, surprising himself and the other kids when he polishes off his entire half with a smile. 

Buster’s acceptance of Carla’s sandwich, and by extension Carla makes waves. The other kids are suddenly inspired to try their hand at creative sandwiches. 

A great book about how easily people can be influenced to think negatively about others and that often our ideas and assumptions about how it is are not necessarily true.


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