This book made for a great discussion about kindness, compassion, and generosity with my kids.

As a big storm approaches, all of the animals begin to prepare; stockpiling rations, firewood, and blankets. As they begin to cocoon in their burrows, two strangers appear in the distant fog. The animals are wary of the strangers when the Bear father and child come knocking, seeking shelter from the storm. “What do they want?” and “Why are they here?” they ask, and one by one, each animal family turns them away, reluctant to extend a helpful hand. 

But then the tides turn and the Fox family finds their burrow caved in due to heavy snow. Now it is they who find themselves out in the cold, freezing, without shelter or cover. By then, the Bears have moved on and created a makeshift shelter themselves. It is they who extend a kindness to the Fox family, offering them hot tea and shelter, even after the Foxes declined to help them before. 

A heartwarming picture book with an important message about how even small gesture make a big difference.


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