The Wall in the Middle of the Book

There’s been a lot of hype around this book which usually means it is either A). Overrated or B). Really really good! Thankfully, this one delivered. Its message is so, so necessary and truly an allegory for our current times. 
There is a wall in the middle of the book. A literal wall. The people on the left side of the wall have been told that the wall is a good thing. They’ve been told it protects them from the other side of the book, and that only their side is safe. But when some unfortunate circumstances befall and the left side of the wall, and they find themselves in peril, it is the creatures from the right side that come to the rescue and save them. 
This story is a great reminder that just because a story has been perpetuated for some time, that doesn’t mean it’s always true. Some walls still stand as a result of myths that have evolved into deep seeded beliefs over time rather than the truth and realities of the present. Thanks Jon Agee for this book. Definitely worth a read and discussion.


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