The Little Snowplow

The perfect wintry book for the kiddo that loves vehicles. While it’s not a holiday book per say- The Little Snowplow is my son’s Christmas book for 2018. 
Every year I pour over dozens of books in an effort to select one “just right” Christmas/holiday story for each of my kids. We add these to our holiday book box which we only bring out for the month of December, ensuring these titles stay treasured and a novelty of sorts. 
If possible I try and find a story that matches up with an interest or favorite thing of each kiddo. Years from now, when his love of construction vehicles, snowplows, and cars has likely passed, I want to look back on this year, this season with nostalgia and remember the things that brought him joy as a young boy. Since there are limited Christmas stories about construction vehicles, and with Polar Express already in rotation- The Little Snowplow it is! Though I’d prefer stories of Christmas generosity and dancing sugar plums- I just know he’s going to love it and delight in reading about a little snowplow that could.💕


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