The Christmas Eve Tree

This is a sweet holiday tale about a stunted Christmas tree that never got an opportunity to fully grow. While the other trees with branches flourishing and full were carried ceremoniously off to stand before cathedrals, in large squares, or even family’s homes- the scraggly little fir tree is overlooked and fearful of its fate. 
On Christmas Eve, just as the fir tree is about to be tossed out for good, a homeless boy noticed and asks, “can I have it?” The boy, pleaded an his discovery, lovingly takes the tree to the river, finds a cardboard box and plants the tree and carries it to where his friends are congregated, trying to keep warm. 
He cobbles together spare change to buy a few candles to decorate the benches and the friends begin to sing Christmas carols under the rumble of trains overhead. More and more people gather and the crowd grows and the little fir beams with pride. There’s a surprise twist and ending which only goes to reaffirm that the magic of Christmas is everywhere.


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