Last Stop on the Reindeer Express

New in Christmas books this year is Last Stop on the Reindeer Express. Mia makes a Christmas card for her grandpa but since Christmas is nearly here- her mom tells her sadly the letter won’t likely get there in time. 
After grumpily wandering through the Christmas market, frustrated by these circumstances- she stumbles upon a door marked “The Reindeer Express.” She opens the door and cautiously enters what appears to be a post office of sorts, except this one is swathed in holiday decor, and features a giant map of the earth dotted with reindeer. The woman at the desk hands her a carrot and suddenly she’s outside, amidst a magnificent reindeer, cold snow crunching under her boots. They take off and fly over a parade of boats at sea in the sky. 
Will they make it in time? 


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