All the colors used to live together harmoniously until a commotion between the reds and the yellows led to misunderstanding and division. What follows is the reds, blues, and yellows decide to separate, segregating themselves in different parts of town, keeping to themselves, wary of any color other than their own.  One day, a blue and a yellow meet up, and their connection is undeniable. They make each other better. They decide to get married and shortly thereafter produce a new color all her own- Green! 

Despite some of the colors’ reluctance to accept Green, they are intrigued and curious about her. This sparks a movement and soon, other colors begin mixing too, creating even more new beautiful colors and diversifying the landscape. 

Mixed is a great allegory for our time, a story about tolerance, love, and embracing our differences. We are more colorful together than apart. 🌈


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