Whale in a Fishbowl

Wednesday the whale had only ever known life in a fishbowl, smack in the middle of a dense city. Despite being in the middle of everything, she’s constantly being passed by all the people flurrying, hurrying, and worrying about their lives.

She finds hope in discovering that if she leaps, just a little, she can catch a glimpse of the big expanse of blue in the distance. It’s mysterious and far away, but Wednesday is overcome with this inexplicable pull towards that blue. 

One day, a young, precocious girl Piper presses her nose and palms to the glass and whispers to Wednesday, “you don’t belong in there, you belong in the sea.” The sea? What is this sea? Wednesday wonders what this sea Piper speaks of might have that a fishbowl doesn’t. 

Whale in a Fishbowl is a touching story of learning to trust your instincts, follow your heart, and how to find a sense of belonging. 


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