The Heart and Mind of Frances Pauley

I really enjoyed this “tween” read, The Heart and Mind of Frances Pauley which is not quite YA but more mature than your typical elementary school read. I’d recommend this to culminating 5th or 6th graders in that transitional time before middle school or junior high.
Frances Pauley is a bit of a loner, by choice. She is a thinker, an observer, spending the majority of her time lost in her own thoughts in her “rock world” behind her house. She finds comfort in conversations with adults, challenged by the changing tides of middle school, and frustrated at the ever growing distance between her and her older sister Christinia, who these days seems embarrassed by Frances’ mere existence.
A beautiful, relatable story about kindness, understanding, and forgiveness, finding friendship in unexpected places, and navigating the speed bumps, hiccups, and unknowns of everyday life.


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