Wesley has always felt like he didn’t quite fit in. An outcast from the civilization around him. He was the only kid in town who disliked pizza and soda, found professional football dumb, and refused to conform to the popular haircut chosen by of all the other boys in his grade. Wesley had no friends, but plenty of tormentors. 

One afternoon, after learning about the food crops and logistics of great civilizations in school, Wesley decides to found his own civilization, complete with his own staple food crop!

Starting with a plot of earth in his yard, his staple crop evolves into a forest, taking over his yard, and proving to be more bountiful that expected; serving as a primary food source, fabric for clothing, oil for suntan lotion, mosquito repellant, and more. Wesley names his new civilization, Weslandia, and its growth continues. 

The kids who once bullied Wesley are curious and intrigued by what he has created. Weslandia is the place where Wesley feels most at home, but it also might be the place which explains his unique self more clearly to others. A detailed, imaginative, and unique read. Ideal for ages 7/8 and up. 


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