Those Darn Squirrels

Those Darn Squirrels is hilarious! Meet Old Man Fookwire- he’s so old that when he sneezes, dust comes out! He’s also a huge grump. He hates puppies. He hates pie. I mean- come on, who hates puppies and pie?! 

The only thing that brings him an ounce of happiness is the birds that visit his backyard. He spends hours building intricate bird feeders to attract birds of all kinds. That is until the squirrels move in, and they like the bird feeders too... 

These clever little squirrels turn out to be the bane of Old Man Fookwire’s existence and he goes through great lengths to try and outsmart the furry little nuisances. 

We used to read this book as a kickoff to a new STEM engineering unit as it highlights the engineering design process of identifying a problem, researching, imagining, creating, testing, asking, and improving as Old Man Fookwire returns to the drawing board again and again as he tries to outsmart those darn squirrels. A must read for kids ages 5/6 and up.


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