The Word Collector

As a lover of words myself, The Word Collector makes my heart sing!   While some kids collect rocks, coins, and comic books, Jerome begins to collect words. He collected words that caught his attention, words that he saw in his environment, words that simply popped off the page before him while reading. 

From short and sweet words like ‘spark’ and ‘drift’ to multi-syllable words like ‘guacamole’ and ‘kaleidoscope,’ even words Jerome didn’t understand but thought sounded marvelous, like ‘vociferous’ and ‘aromatic.’ When his words begin to multiply, Jerome meticulously organizes them by category, filling scrapbook upon scrapbook as his collection grows.

One day, while carting his scrapbooks from here to there, he slips and the words tumble out into the air, flying, spiraling, and landing all jumbled up. Discouraged at first, Jerome realizes this unexpected hiccup actually allows him a new lens for his words. He begins to experiment in stringing words together in ways he had not previously imagined and what he creates is astonishing and beautiful. 

Ultimately Jerome decides this gift should not be his alone and decides to share his words with the world. 
“Reach for your own words and tell the world who you are and how you will make it better.” -Peter H. Reynolds


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