Odd Velvet

Odd Velvet is the new girl who just moved into town. The close knit class is wary of her, afraid of her newness, finding everything she does unusual and strange, especially her name. When other girls bring their dolls in for show and tell, Velvet brings in a milkweed pod. 

In spite of all of this criticism, Velvet is surprisingly aloof and indifferent. She could care less about what the group is doing, she just wants to be herself and go her own way. 

Things begin to change when a school drawing competition yields Velvet the winner, even with her paltry pack of used crayons. Her peers begin to view her unusualness as intriguing. Suddenly, Velvet’s unique sensibilities inspire curiosity and wonder, as they should have all along. 

A great story about embracing, celebrating and learning about others who are different than you. 


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