Mrs. Muddle's Holidays

Katie thought her family celebrated every holiday there was...until Mrs. Muddle moved to town. Then the neighborhood kids began to stumble upon eccentric Mrs. Muddle making elaborate preparations for holidays they didn’t find on their parents’ traditional calendars.
She’d hang colorful strings amongst her tree branches for First Robin Day to give the robins ample trimmings for their nests. And dance in the street with a rainbow umbrella for First Shower of April Day. From the Garlic Jubilee to Let’s Pretend It’s Summer Day in the dead of winter, she hosted celebrations for all the seasons, complete with festive food and activities, much to neighborhood children’s delight.
In an effort to honor her, the community bands together to imagine up a new holiday with the singular job of surprising, celebrating, (and delighting) Mrs. Muddle herself. A sweet story about community, creativity, and belonging.


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