Lola Dutch

Lola Dutch is abundant with grand ideas! Every day she wakes up and declares that today will be AMAZING! We all could learn a thing or two from her endless optimism and positivity! She has opinions on the best ways to serve breakfast (elegant feasts), how to serve hot cocoa (marshmallows and extra whipped cream- you can never have too much whipped cream), and the most perfect sleeping spot (blanket forts, obviously!). 

Lola moves through her day in a whirlwind of frenzied enthusiasm, always looking for the next splendid thing. 
However, for her friend Bear, Lola’s zeal for everything is sometimes exhausting, and just a little too much. 

This book is a fun read! A great book to pull out on a rainy day when kids are bored. Lola’s imagination is sure to make any day memorable and fun. 


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