Giraffes Can't Dance

Giraffes Can't Dance is the story of Gerald, a lovable giraffe who is still getting the hang of maneuvering and moving within his tall, lanky body. He dreads the Jungle Dance every year, for whenever he dances to the music provided, he feels awkward and clumsy. This year’s Jungle Dance is no different, worse even, as Gerald is picked on, embarrassed, and name called. 

Dejected, he stumbles away, only to be comforted by a group of animals who remind him how special and unique he is and suggest, maybe you just need a different song? Inspired and renewed in spirit, Gerald finds a song he loves, and low and behold, the dance that comes out of him is amazing and graceful. Who knew? Gerald had it in him all along, he just needed to dance on his terms. A great book about being yourself, even when the majority suggests otherwise.


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