Elmore is a solitary little porcupine, happy to be alone but often feeling lonely. He’s always had a little trouble making friends. What was the problem Elmore often wondered. One day, he puts up a sign seeking “friends wanted,” but is discouraged by the whisperings he hears, “he’s too prickly,” and “he’s too hard to be around.” 

Elmore feels sad and helpless, as his quills do rattle if others get too close. His uncle tries to offer solace, telling him how handsome his quills make him, that they are a gift to be treasured. These words inspire Elmore to use his extra quills to make quill pens for his forest neighbors- imploring them to reframe how they see Elmore, as useful and kind rather than scary and intimidating. 

His gifts bridge the gap of understanding and begin a note writing movement that ends with Elmore learning how valued he truly is. 


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