A Couch For Llama

While we have a lot of books that we read for purpose- but I always enjoy having books on hand that are without any intention, and just for fun. 

A Couch for Llama is just that. The Lago family loves their couch, it suits their active family who loves to read, lounge, and just jump all over it! Eventually, the wear and tear begins to show, and it becomes apparent that it's time for a new couch. The family selects a lovely red couch, straps it to the roof of their car, and carts the thing home... except the couch tumbles off into a field where in lands at the feet of an unsuspecting and surprised llama. Llama tries to make sense of his new discovery- it doesn’t talk or taste good, but it sure is comfy! 

Once the family returns home they realize the couch is missing and retrace their steps, only to find their couch has been claimed by Llama. What to do? What to do? A fun, silly story that will keep you entertained.


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