Thelma The Unicorn

My kids collected a pile of lovely new reads for Christmas, including this one, Thelma the Unicorn. (We’re big fans of unicorns these days)...

Thelma is s horse with a wish to be a unicorn, despite her best friend Otis’ insistence that she is perfect just as she is. Regardless, Thelma is determined, and proudly fashions herself a dandy carrot horn. Then, quite timely, chance intervenes- when a truck filled with pink paint and glitter topples over beside her, instantly transforming her into... a unicorn! 🦄

Proud that she is now “special,” Thelma rides the wave of faux confidence, loving her new unicorn self, becoming instantly famous to the point of being mobbed anytime she wants to go anywhere.  Suddenly being a unicorn isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Thelma begins to realize that despite being surrounded by adoring fans, she is in fact...lonely. 

Superb pictures and text with a message that sometimes the grass is greener on your own side, though it just might take a little jaunt as a unicorn to realize it. 🦄


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