The Book of Mistakes

The Book of Mistakes is positively lovely. I wish I had been able to read this as a kid, when I would throw away drawing paper after paper, having made one tiny minuscule error that in my eyes ruined the entire sketch. Frustrated with myself, I would start from scratch time after time, finding it impossible to continue without first rectifying my mistake.
Corinna Luyken has demonstrated how one person's mistake is not an error, but an opportunity. To see beyond what you saw initially, extend your imagination, stretch your thinking, and create something even more amazing on the second, third, fourth try, and beyond. This book is a visual testament to that message; mistakes do not necessary signify the end or a sense of finality. Sometimes a mistake is just an opportunity for a new beginning.
Read it. Trust me. And as if that's not enough of a plug, the illustrations are simply divine.


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