The Biggest, Best Snowman

In The Biggest, Best Snowman Little Nell has been told her entire life that she is too small to do most things. Her sisters, Big Lizzie and Big Sarah, along with Big Mama remind her of this often, convincing Little Nell that is not capable of much. 

Luckily, Little Nell has the refuge of the forest as an escape, where she spends the majority of her time among her woodland friends who treat her with kindness and respect. 

One snowy day, Bear Cub asks for Little Nell’s help building a snowman. Little Nell immediately replies with her default response, “No, I can’t, I’m too small. “The animals insist she is not, and encourage her to try. 

When Little Nell’s family finally realizes that despite her size, Little Nell is strong, determined, and capable, they realize the wrong in their assumptions and have a change of heart. 


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