The Barefoot Book of Children

My sister got The Barefoot Book of Children for my nephew for Christmas, and now it’s taunting me in my Amazon cart. I wish there were more books like this, which highlight ways of life different than western society as positive, favorable, and inviting. It kind of reminds me of Peter Spier’s People, a book I grew up poring over, fascinated by hundreds of tiny detailed illustrations of the different lifestyles and traditions around the globe.

One of my husband and my parenting values is to show our kids how big the world truly is and how small they are within it. We hope to expose them to places, cultures, foods, sights, lifestyles, clothing, and traditions that differ from our way of life in our home base.

Until we are able to book those flights, trotting continent to continent, we read many books such as this- aiming to invoke curiosity, inspire gratitude, and cultivate awareness of our many blessings while we save our pennies to see all of the amazing places we read about first hand. 


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