Snowmen All Year

The Snowmen at Night series has been a longtime favorite, especially since my first grade team and I always hosted “Snowmen at Night” day every year, the last day before Winter break. We’d invite kids to come to school in their favorite jammies, comfort items in tow, to enjoy coziness, snowy crafts, and hot cocoa while reading this favorite story aloud on the smart board. 

These days, I’m reading Snowmen All Year from the comfort of my own living room, sporting my usual uniform of yoga pants and slippers, but the same magic is the same. I love the discussions that ensue when asking what snowman do... at night, in summer, in fall, etc. etc. 

Oh, and don’t forget to seek out the hidden pictures on every page! This book features 2 ducks, T-Rex, a rabbit, a cat, and at least one hidden snowman on every page. Even after reading it time and time again, some still evade me. 


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