Love Is My Favorite Thing

Love Is My Favorite Thing is the story of Plum, the lovable, eager, impulsive pup of Rupert and Emma. Plum has many favorite things, including but not limited to her bear, her bed, water, chew toys, tug of war...of, and LOVE! That is her most FAVORITE thing!

When encountering her favorite things out in the real world, Plum finds herself compelled to break rules, make messes, and often finds herself referred to as "naughty" without warrant - after all, she was only trying to enjoy her favorite things! Until one day she finds herself quite distressed after a particular escapade, which while fun, was not approved of by her humans. Plum wonders, will Emma and Rupert still love her? What will she do if they don't?

A sweet story about how the ones who care about us still love us through and through, even when we make mistakes.


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