Even Superheroes Have Bad Days

Love Even Superheroes Have Bad Days as it humanizes superheroes, and recognizes that they have emotions.   Since superheroes are characters we typically see as powerful, strong, and unflappable aside from the occasional Achilles heel. Even Superheroes Have Bad Days is an enjoyable read, my daughter has been flipping through it happily for days. 

From the parent perspective, I love how it explains that even those who look like they have it all together have weak moments and are vulnerable to criticism, and like us, feel emotions like frustration, anger, and sadness. 

Superheroes may look polished, but they too can struggle on how to deal with these feelings like us ordinary folk. In this world where social media projects a lens that everyone else seems to have it all together- it’s a great story about emotions, mindfulness, and helps bring those seemingly flawless, shiny people like superheroes, down off their pedestal. 


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