Cinnamon Baby

Cinnamon Baby is a tale of sweet Miriam, a baker extraordinaire whose gifts in the kitchen influence her life in many unpredictable ways.  Miriam bakes all kinds of bread, but her speciality is cinnamon bread, the scent of which curls through the air, enticing and calming everyone around her.  

Miriam falls in love with Sebastian, they marry, and soon are expecting a child.  The baby is born and for three days it coos and kicks and smiles and then suddenly, begins to cry.  The baby cries nonstop, its poor wails cannot be soothed by anything Miriam and Sebastian try.  Inevitably, Miriam returns to talents in the kitchen, and uses the sweet scent of cinnamon to calm the child.  Reading this makes me crave cinnamon bread - every time!


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