Boo La La, Witch Spa

Kicking off October with my favorite Halloween-y books, perfect for a cozy cuddle on a chilly October day.
First up, Boo-La-La Witch Spa! An insider tour of the witches version of a beach vacation. A calming, relaxing lair heated by hot dragon breath air. A sanctuary where witches can retreat once haunting season has concluded to unwind and decompress.
The details are clever and imaginative and oh so fitting for a witch spa experience, "a broom bristle facial to exfoliate, a pumpkin gut cold mask to help rehydrate." There's bat-whisker tea and wumphy blue robes (and really, how can you not adore a book that manages to include the word "wumphy")?
If you or a little one enjoys pampering in the slightest, you too ought to spend a relaxing afternoon reading about this lovely witch spa. And surely, you'll be singing its praises as you contentedly sigh, "boo-la-la!"


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